Frequently Asked Questions:

Q- Which firearms benefit from the ARFAKIT?
Our testing has been primarily on the Bushmaster XM-15 M4-A2 Patrolman Carbine with single-stage trigger control group and standard bolt carrier group.
As a result, we believe the ARFAKIT should work in any AR-15 that has the same specifications, layout, and bolt carrier group, as our test firearm, which includes the majority of AR-15s made today, such as Bushmaster, DPMS, Olympic Arms, etc.

Q- How can I determine whether my specific firearm will benefit from the ARFAKIT?
First, check your bolt to be sure it is a semi-automatic bolt, not a full-auto bolt. This can be checked by looking at the rear of the bolt. The upper side of the bolt material should be longer than the lower side of the bolt material. You can see how to check for a semi-automatic bolt here.

Second, check that your Lower has a clear channel between the Trigger Control Group and the rear take-down pin. Click here to see what to look for in a Lower to make sure this will work for you.

Third, with your Upper pivoted off the Lower, push the hammer down and immediately pull the trigger to the rear and keep it held. While continuing to pull the trigger to the rear, release the hammer and make sure the disconnector engages the hammer. Continuing to pull the trigger to the rear, use a pencil eraser or something similar to push down on the rear of the disconnector, and the hammer should release and fall forward.

Fourth, make sure there is at least 1/16 inch spacing below the rear-take down post and the Lower channel.

Q- Can I use the ARFAKIT with other firearm modifications?
We test on a stock firearm. The ARFAKIT is not designed or intended to be used in, and should not be installed in, a firearm that has any addition or modification to the bolt carrier group, trigger control group, or any other internal part. If you use the ARFAKIT in a firearm that has any other modifications made to it, you assume any and all liability and responsibility for anything that happens.

It is the responsibility of the buyer, not the seller, to ascertain and obey all applicable local, state, federal, and international laws in regard to the possession, use and sale of any item purchased from TCGTR, LLC. Absolutely no sales to minors. By placing an order, the buyer represents that the ordered product will be used only in a lawful manner and that he/she is of legal age.

TCGTR, LLC will not be held liable for the misuse of any product we offer or that is purchased from us. Some of the items we carry may, in some instances or circumstances, be considered "DANGEROUS" or "ILLEGAL" in your state or country. Please be sure to check local laws BEFORE ordering.

Q- Is a Money Order a safe way to make payment?
When you purchase a Money Order, you receive two pieces. The first is a receipt and tracking number you can use to determine whether or not the Money Order has been cashed. The second is the Money Order itself. When you fill out the "Pay to the Order of" field, no one except the Payee (To: field) is able to cash the Money Order. We require you to leave ALL other fields, including the Payor (From: field) field, blank for our protection as well as to continue to secure your privacy. The portion of the Money Order that you keep can be used to cancel or replace the Money Order if it is lost, stolen or damaged. Once it is cashed, you are no longer able to do this, but at that point you have proof that TCGTR, LLC has received it because TCGTR, LLC is the only entity that can cash it.

Q- What information does TCGTR, LLC keep of each purchase made?
The only information we keep is the Order Number and the PIN number you create. We believe you have a right to your privacy. We do not keep a copy of your Order Form or your personal or identifying information. In fact, if you want to leave your name off the Order Form, we're fine with that, though you will probably want your name on the package if you aren't the only individual who might receive your mail. We shred your Order Form, so you need to keep a copy of it for your own records.

Q- Why doesn't TCGTR, LLC accept checks, debit cards, or credit cards?
Having run other businesses previously that accept these methods of payment, we have found that the added fees, the uncertainty of checks being returned, consumer fraud, and the ever-changing merchant card services regulations, simply does not lend itself to the way we have decided to do business.

Q- How can an order be tracked, and what are the various steps in the ordering and shipping process?
To make a purchase, simply click on the Order Form link at the top of this page.
The Order Form will contain an Order Number, which you should keep a record of since this is the only way we provide tracking of your order. You will also use this information to access the instructions for your kit, once it has shipped.
Simply print the Order Form and fill out the desired shipping address, desired quantity, and create a 5-digit PIN, then send the Order Form and payment to the address listed on the Order Form.
When we receive your Order Form and payment, we will enter your Order Number into our system with a status of "Order Received" or "Payment Returned".
When we process your order, we will update the order status to "Order Shipped" and provide a Postal Tracking Number, which you can enter into or similar service to track your shipment.
Your Order Form will not be returned to you, as we shred all information received from you. We do not keep a copy of your Order Form or any information other than the Order Number and 5-digit PIN. If your shipment is returned to us for an incorrect address, we will update your order status to "Incorrect Address" and wait for you to contact us with updated information.
To access your order status and/or instructions, simply click on the Order Tracking link at the top of this page, and enter your Order Number and 5-digit PIN.

Q- Does TCGTR, LLC have any Distributors?
No, we do not, nor do we have any plans for this in the near future.

Q- Is there a maximum quantity that can be ordered at a time?
No; however, all of your ordered units will ship at the same time in the same order, and large order quantities may experience a slight delay until all units are ready for shipping.

Q- Are there any firearms that do not currently work with the ARFAKIT?
Our testing has been primarily on the Bushmaster XM-15 M4-A2 Patrolman Carbine with single-stage trigger control group and standard bolt carrier group.
We have found that AR-15s made by Rock River Arms and Colt do not currently work with the ARFAKIT. Other AR-15s with specifications or trigger control groups similar to the RRA or Colt AR-15s likewise may not benefit from the current version of the ARFAKIT.