On April 5, 2016, sale of the ARFA Kit was temporarily suspended, due to the execution of a Search and Seizure Warrant by the ATF.
While the ATF currently believes they have a smoking gun to shut down sales of this product permanently, nothing could be further from the truth.
Interestingly, no charges have been filed and no arrests were made... something very peculiar and uncommon (to the point of being almost unheard of) when such a Warrant is executed.
The reality is that the ATF knows it is overreaching, and is simply trying to keep this product from the public, and no charges will be filed, because they have no evidence of wrongdoing, in any way.
You may monitor this page for further updates and information.
To any and all who may have purchased this product:
No contact or identifying information was available to the ATF (and never will be, because it does not exist), with the following exceptions:
1. The ATF seized 11 packages they say were mailed approximately the last week of March.
2. The ATF seized 9 packages they say were mailed approximately the first week of April.
3. The ATF seized 5 Order Forms they say were received approximately the first week of April.
4. The ATF seized computer disks that may include troubleshooting emails, though the range of dates and email content that may have been included is currently unknown.
If you think you might have placed an order that falls into categories 1-3, you have not received anything, and no charges could possibly be filed against you (though you may still be questioned about the educational information you placed an order for. In this case, we sincerely apologize to you that you will not receive your kit until the ATF investigation has run its course and it is forced to return all seized items.
The ATF has no way of knowing about any orders that may have shipped that do not fall into one of the above 4 categories, because no records were kept.
If you think you might have sent a troubleshooting email, you should assume that your identity might become known to the ATF during their investigation of the computer disks currently in their possession. Needless to say, we believe that any troubleshooting emails were hypothetical in nature and were sent for the purpose of education and information, and that you do not have a completed kit in your possession, unless the laws of your jurisdiction clearly allow for a completed kit to be in your possession.
For those who are not currently able to view any installation instructions, please check back at your convenience.
This information will be updated as new information is available, so please check back at your convenience.